How to Choose Your Ideal Wedding Venue. P #2

Money in the bank

Another important factor from ‘choosing a wedding venue checklist,’ is of course, your budget.

When looking at venues, try to stay clear of anything that is clearly out of your price range. 

Venues that are a bit over budget are still a viable option, as venues often offer discounts, wedding packages are also often available, and might provide additional services you won’t need to pay extra for, like décor, catering, etc.

Make sure you both agree on the amount you have at your disposal and be ready to make cuts and sacrifices if you need to. For example, you can trim the guest list, choose a less expensive pair of shoes, etc.

Determine what your non-negotiables are, and take it from there.

Location, location, location

Of course, location will play a major part in your choice of wedding venue.

When making your decision, make sure you also factor in travel distances, accommodation, and your actual wedding date. 

If you have a lot of guests arriving from out of town, and there is a major sporting event at the same time, accommodation might need to be booked well in advance.

Factor everything in before you make a choice: how long will it take to get there, what is there to see nearby, where can your guests grab a bite to eat, etc.

Also, make sure you consider the views from your venue: ideally, you will have an amazing backdrop to look at through every window.

Image by Cassandra Sutton Photographer

One guest too many

Another important factor about ‘how to choose a wedding venue’ is the number of guests you are inviting.

Have at least a rough idea before you go out looking for a venue, as this will play a major part in the decision – what if the venue you fall in love with can’t accommodate all of your guests?

Be ready either to shorten the list or to look for a larger space. Don’t try to squeeze too many people into too few tables: no one likes a crowded wedding, and you won’t enjoy the atmosphere either.