Starxxx founder Todd Supro on his new adult entertainment talent agency

Supro believe that the existing porn agency aims at creating a list of 25 employees to ensure an individual approach and attention to every client.  Last month in Los Angeles, the Adult Talent Agency Bureau signed a debut contract with Clarissa Cox. Todd Suprohas just started to discover all the pitfalls of this business; however, he’s making his first steps rather confidently.

When interviewed by AVN, the agency founder introduced himself as a guy from the East coast, originating from New Jersey. Todd is happily married, has two children, and has been living in the City of Angels for 17 long years. For many years, Suproused to be a lawyer involved in a multi-million-dollar family business, protecting website data in Colorado and Calais.

But how did a successful lawyer become an important link in the porn industry chain? It is data protection that has become Supro’skey to the adult business.

“There’s a good friend of mine working at Devil’s Film studios. It was 5 years ago that Devil’s contacted us via Jim Powers to shoot a spoof film with a self-remembering image. Later it became Storage Whores Orgy and was nominated for the AVN award as the Best parody –Todd Suproto admitted AVN– After this collaboration, I keep in touch with Jim. I decided that I wanted to start my own business and I’ve always believed that I would be a good agent, since I have excellent communication and networking skills.”

As soon as in January, Supro founded a company in Calabasas called TAG Talent and gave his porn business Starxxx name.

“Primarily I foundedStarxxx to develop and promote true talents, to help them to turn their name in a brand and in an industry image – Todd discloses his ideas. – I’ve long been fascinated by this industry. Like most people, I’ve been watching porn since I was young. I adore the actors’ liberation, exhibitionism, and freedom. I was also interested in the fact that a new bright star can enter the industry at any moment, even change and improve it, move up the career ladder, become a brand.”

Supro is happy to share the news – in theAdult Talent Agency, he is going to focus on a personal approach to his clients and actors’ career. That’s whyhe needs to make a list of 25 performers. This will enable Todd to personally participate in success and problems of each on the list.

Despite a very limited number of participants (as few as 25), they will be “diverse and unique”.

“I plan to gather all possible sorts of talents to meet a wide audience’s needs. For any performer, it’s important to watch and interact with porn stars like Clarissa Cox and other archetypal MILF actresses, –Supro commented for AVN. – That’s why I need talented girls of various ages, backgrounds, and looks. He needsthe diverse Adult Modeling Agency and actors with different skin and hair colors, body parameters, etc. Regarding male contracts, I’m also looking for diversity, but any hard penises are always an advantage.”

Along with a personal approach, Todd Supromentioned that high ethical standards are still a priority.

“Speaking about “high ethical standards”, I mean that Starxxx will work honestly, in compliance with established ethics,– explains Supro. – All my clients must work promptly, shoot often and be protected from any legal problems. Unfortunately, in the past the porn industry wasdisgraced by scandals and talent problems, but now we work honestlyat Starxxx.”