Wedding venue

2. Are you in my price range?

It doesn’t matter how much you love a venue if they aren’t in your price range.

Be realistic about your budget and account for all the various areas that are going to require your financial consideration as well, it’s better to come in a little under your price range and have room for incidentals.

You also want to find out about the venue’s payment schedule, how much the deposit is, what’s included in your package, etc.

3. Do you have a list of approved/required/suggested vendors?

Another wedding venue question you must answer is whether you want to bring your own vendors in or use ones provided by a venue. If you want to use outside vendors, you then need to find out what that venue’s policy is about that.

You’ll want to especially ask about catering, if they have an in-house caterer, etc. If you can bring in your own vendors, do they charge extra fees for this? Plus, a displacement fee for NOT using their vendors

4. What is the venue’s capacity?

Another important thing to ask the wedding venue is the total capacity of the place.

You’ll want to also make sure to find out how many people can fit with a band versus a DJ because the numbers may differ.

Venue capacity is a big factor to consider depending on the number of guests you are likely going to invite, so it’s best to ensure they can all be accommodated comfortably.

5. What happens if it rains?

If your wedding is outdoors, you’ll want to know what their plain is for bad weather. The rain option is the most important aspect of a venue. Where will it take place?

When do you make the rain call? What happens if it rains during the ceremony and you’re outside? Do they have umbrellas on standby?

6. Who will be our main contact as we plan our wedding

It’s good to know if the person who helps you with the planning will also be involved day-of. Even see if you can meet them before you book, most venues will have that option available if you ask.

Being involved and proactive with your contact person at the venue will help you and your wedding team rest easy knowing everyone’s on the same page and in communication.