How to Make Renewing Wedding

There comes a time in every marriage when some romance is in absolute order.

You might want to renew your vows every year – or do so every ten years. Regardless of the time that has elapsed since you first said “I do” to each other, a vow renewal can be the perfect opportunity to get your friends and family together and relive that special day again. However, there is no definite answer to the question of when to renew vows.

If you are considering renewing your vows, but are not yet quite sure about the details, read our guide on making your vow renewal just as special as your wedding day.

Who should host the ceremony?

As vow renewals are much less “structured” than weddings, you can tailor them to your own preferences as much as you’d like.

When renewing your vows, your hosts can be your children if they are old enough and would like to take on the challenge; your parents, if you have recently gotten married and they would like to add their voice to celebrating your relationship; your best man and maid of honor, if they have had a blast the first time around; or any other friend or family member you would like to include in your special day.