Testabol Depot

Preparation testabol depot is one of the forms of testosterone. It is testosterone cypionate that is clearly preferred by fans of strength sports in North America. It is difficult to say why European athletes are equally unconditionally choosing another form, enanthate. It just so happened.

However , it is definitely worth getting to know the outstanding properties of a product like testabol depot british dragon in order to evaluate it based on your own experience .

Comparative description of cypionate and testosterone enanthate

Long testosterone esters act on the body for two to three weeks, which allows injections to be performed no more than once a week during the course. From the point of view of most athletes, this is a significant advantage, since it eliminates the unpleasant impressions associated with the formation of seals at the injection site.

No significant differences in the effect of both forms of testosterone on the body are found either in positive manifestations or in negative side effects. A characteristic feature is the tendency to aromatization, which manifests itself, to a greater extent, in the inevitability of fluid retention. As a result, at the end of the course, a part of the recruited muscles leaves, sometimes up to 30%.

The minimal difference in duration of action can hardly be considered a strong enough argument in favor of the fact that the use of one of these forms of testosterone can bring any significant benefits https://theroids.ws/testabol-depot-british-dragon/.

What is the effect of taking testabol depot from british dragon

Most of the drug is taken to increase muscle mass and make the physique more impressive. However, these are not the only beneficial results that are achieved as a result of taking the course. In their reviews, athletes usually point to such positive changes as:

  1. growth of strength indicators;
  2. increase in endurance, in connection with which the feeling of overtraining disappears, since recovery of strength after considerable physical exertion occurs much faster;
  3. pleasant pumping . Yes, fluid retention is considered to be a disadvantage of steroid courses, but in the case of using Testabol Depot , this is hardly the case. A correctly built course scheme allows you to reduce to an acceptable level the muscle loss caused by the influence of the rollback phenomenon. But additional positive effects are triggered in the form of a decrease in joint injury , the disappearance of problems with back pain and crunching in the shoulders. Although, of course, nandrolone helps better in this regard.

How it is proposed to build a course outline

The optimal duration of the testabol depot course is considered, the price of which is perceived as moderate, in eight to ten weeks. The results directly depend on the dosage level, however, most athletes prefer to limit themselves to the introduction of 250-500 mg of the drug per week. With considerable experience and large body weight, this level can be significantly exceeded, which is what professionals do. The limiting indicator is considered to be a weekly intake of 2000-4000 mg. With a moderate dosage, one injection per week is quite enough to maintain hormonal levels, which allows you to avoid adding painful sensations.

If possible, chorionic gonadotropin is included in the course scheme in the third week https://theroids.ws/.

From the third week of the course, you should attend to the use of aromatase inhibitors . Usually 0.25 mg anastrozole is taken every fourth day. Although many athletes prefer to use Proviron with moderate dosages of testosterone. The use of aromatase inhibitors is discontinued a week after the end of the course.

When the action of Testabol Depot stops, which is advised to buy in trusted online stores that supply sports pharmacology, you can start post- cycle therapy. Estrogen blockers become the main element in it. Most athletes use tamoxifen . As for the use of cortisol blockers, no reliable information can be found about any impressive effectiveness of the action of any of them.

Including testabol depot , purchased in Kiev, in the combined courses, it is possible to achieve various goals. To gain impressive muscle mass, combinations are used with:

  • nandrolone decanoate. This combination, with a weekly dosage of both drugs equal to 200 mg, can be considered a classic. An even greater effect can be achieved using a more powerful steroid with progestin activity – trenbolone enanthate;
  • methandrostenolone;
  • anapolon.

During the drying course cypionate testosterone used to mitigate the negative effects of Anavar or Winstrol .