What should you wear?

The simplest answer would be your original wedding dress and suit. 

If they don’t quite fit, you can find a way to work them into a new outfit. Stick to the original tie with a new suit, use some of the original materials to create a new dress, etc.

Of course, you can go for a completely new ensemble, but make sure you do dress up for the special occasion of renewing your vows. 

It doesn’t have to be as formal as the first time, but make sure you wear the outfit for the first time on the day, as opposed to reaching for a dress you’ve already worn to a different occasion.

While it can be very difficult to write your own vows, remember that they don’t need to be formal and serious when it comes to renewing your vows.

They can be lighthearted and even silly, just as long as they tell your partner and the world how happy you are to be with them on this day.

Think about all the things that make your marriage special, and write about them – something as simple as thanking your partner for making the best cup of hot chocolate on Christmas morning can be a very intimate and personal touch.

Should you get new rings?

The ceremony for renewing your vows itself will require you to exchange rings again.


These can be your original bands, perhaps with an added engraving to mark your renewal ceremony, or you can add a new band to your original stack if you want to. 

The choice of vow renewal rings is entirely up to you.