Who officiates at the ceremony?

Since a vow renewal is not legally binding, anyone can officiate during the ceremony.

You can choose your minister or priest; it can be your rabbi or someone from the local registry office, but it can also be a friend or a family member who has made an impact on your marriage and whom you would like to include in the ceremony of renewing your vows.

Since you can write your own script, you can take this time to personalize the experience as much as you’d like, and make it entirely your own.

That also answers the question, how to renew vows.

A wedding vow renewal can be an excellent way to share your love with friends and family, gather everyone you love, and simply have a wonderful day together. 

The details of the ceremony are entirely up to you, and you can make it as formal or relaxed as you’d like it to.

Remember to make it personal and specific to your relationship, and most importantly: enjoy the day and the love you have for each other.