Who should you invite?

Some couples choose to host an intimate renewal ceremony, especially if they’ve had a huge wedding.

This gives them the time and space to focus on each other and their closest guests, as opposed to mingling with everyone.

On the other hand, those who’ve had small weddings like to take it up a notch and host a larger soirée for their renewal, especially if they couldn’t afford the big wedding they wanted at the time. You can extend wedding vow renewal invitations as per your discretion.

The choice is entirely up to you: consider the costs, and tailor your guest list accordingly.

Where should you host it?

A place of worship, a beach, a restaurant – you can choose any location for renewing your vows you’d like (that fits into your budget, of course).

You can choose to echo the atmosphere of your wedding and hold it in the same or a similar location, keeping to the original theme.

On the other hand, you can now craft the wedding you never had and incorporate all those elements you dismissed the first time around.

Make sure that the theme you go for and the location you choose speak of who you have become as a couple. After all, the day is all about celebrating your relationship, and the location and mood should reflect that.

If the weather permits it, you can take your wedding outside, and enjoy a day in the sun with your guests and each other.

Make sure you also incorporate a photographer into your special day – while this is not the actual wedding, you still want to have plenty of photos to frame.