Don’t bind them with your demands

You must be thinking  about, what to ask a wedding planner and how to go about the entire process.

Yes, it is your special day and you deserve to decide what should be included and what not during the grand day. But, imposing all your demands and needs on the planner is not going to work at all.

Have a clear conversation with your wedding planner and talk to them freely about your vision.

At the same time, let the planner use his/her creativity so that your wedding day goes exactly the same as you have seen in your dreams. For this to happen in reality, you have to give them some room and flexibility to use their imagination and make relevant changes.

Involve your partner as well

Whether the cost of the wedding is being shared or not, it is necessary that you involve your partner, when hiring a wedding planner.

It is very important to take into account your partner’s opinion while finalizing your wedding planner. After all, the wedding is about both of you and it is important that the wedding day is planned considering both you and your spouse’s likings.

Also, you have to make the planner feel comfortable because the most important event of your life (probably the most expensive one too) depends on how the planner will handle all this. Thus, being relaxed and connecting with them in a positive way is very essential.

Don’t forget to sign the contract

Finally, when you have found the right wedding planner and have negotiated the terms, don’t forget to put all these in writing.

Prepare a contract and ask the planner to sign on it so that the planner doesn’t back off or ditch at the last moment. Signing a contract also means that all your interests will be safeguarded and you can take the relief that all your wedding demands are being considered.

And, if anything bad happens due to the carelessness of the planner, the entire responsibility will be entirely theirs.

So, these were the important tips and suggestions that can help you find the right wedding planner for your wedding day.