Say “I Do” to Wedding Directories. P #2

Query vendors directly

Anyone who has planned a wedding before knows that with using a variety of vendors comes a vast amount of email chains, and keeping track of each can get a little bit complicated.

Wedding directories will often let you create a personal, bespoke account which you can use as your central hub to directly contact all listed vendors, creating a personalised inbox for you where you can keep your email queries with vendors all in one handy place.

Pre-vet suppliers

Unknowingly choosing an unreliable vendor is a bride and groom’s biggest and worst wedding nightmare. When you pay the deposit, you want to know that you’ve chosen someone that’s going to be there on your big day, doing the great job you’ve paid them to deliver.

But how do you know they’ll come through?

With a wedding directory, most will only list pre-vetted vendors, so you know you’re getting someone that has a proven track record and 5 star reputation.

Destination weddings made easy

Weddings held abroad, commonly known as destination weddings are undeniably exotic. But what if you’ve never been to your dream wedding destination before?

Wedding directories take the guesswork out of destination wedding planning without the need to pay the location a visit ahead of time. With a reputable wedding directory, you can rest assured that everything from their venues to their cake makers are 100% tried and tested.