Things All Brides Should Do the Week of Their Wedding. P #1

Congratulations on making it to the week of your wedding!

At this point, you are probably feeling very excited and stressed at the same time. You are excited because you are getting ready to marry the love of your life.

However, the wedding encompasses more than the moment when you and your partner say ‘I do’.

You want the day to unfold exactly as you imagined and also want your guests to have a fantastic time. You might think that you have taken care of most of the required tasks in your wedding planning, but there are key details to take care of the week of your wedding.

Don’t stress about these tasks!

After reading this article, you will know what are the important to-dos for the week of your wedding and will have enough info to prepare one week before the wedding checklist.

Week before your wedding to do list

1. Communicate and Touch Base with Vendors

Some of you might have a vendor for virtually every aspect of your wedding while others only have one or two vendors.

Regardless, the final week before your big day is a great time to touch base, confirm final details, and let the vendors know about any big changes.

  • Keep a list. You have a lot on your mind in the week of your wedding, so write out a list of all of the vendors that you need to contact. After you get in touch with them, update the list and mark any special notes or information that is going to impact your wedding.
  • Ask key questions. Ask questions that are relevant to the vendor you are contacting. If you are contacting the photographer, for example, ask them if they have any questions on the venue, package, or order that you want pictures.
  • Alert them to changes. It is very possible that there will be changes to your plans from when you last talked to your vendor and now. Maybe there are changes in the food or in the guest list. Whatever they are, let the vendor know. You might not think they are important, but the changes could impact the vendor’s plan.